August 05, 2020

#7 Reasons to Join a Coworking Place


The whole coworking concept represents a true cultural shift which seems to be interesting for a growing number of people these days. It is the new way of working and sharing and it describes people who actually work independently even though they are physically working together. There are a lot of reasons on why you should be a part of a coworking space, however this time we wanted to focus on the most effective points.

#1 Great Networking Opportunities

You can always go to your corner coffee shop to work because it’s easily accessible. But can your coffee shop offer you a whole new networking, new colleagues who can help you develop your business idea? A coworking space always comes with many experts - from freelancers, creatives and entrepreneurs to lawyers, accountants and coders. People who want to help you at coworking spaces come to you without you even having to ask. There is a saying about the benefit of coworking spaces that says “you get to interact whether you want to”. Roll up your sleeves and say goodbye to the shyness and loneliness, coworking style!

#2 Learn something new

Coworking is always a great way to learn something new. Day to day you are meeting so many people from different backgrounds and all of them are working in varied industries. That automatically gives you access to more diverse knowledge. People who are working there are less probably looking at you as competition and they will be more willing to share their experience and knowledge with you.

#3 Less Lonely than Working from Home

If you are a freelancer, you must have felt a bit lonely working from home or your local cafe at least once. In time the loneliness gets harder to cope with and that’s when you look for solutions. It is shown in practice that coworking spaces decrease the level of loneliness in people and therefore highly increase their productivity. Following the great productivity, next comes the increase of happiness. It is natural to feel happier with yourself if you feel more productive.

#4 Increase Your Productivity and Creativity

According to recent findings by Deskmag, 70% of people who co-work felt healthier than they did working in a traditional office environment, with further studies revealing that 83% of people were less lonely and 78% felt like coworking saved their sanity.
How to increase your productivity and creativity? - another question that’s bothering us. Being surrounded with people, who exactly like you, came there not only to work, but at the same time innovate and create fresh business ideas can boost you like no self-motivation can.

#5 More Job Control & Flexibility

As a freelancer or a small business, working from home often means no working hours and working throughout the whole day. Coworking can put an end to this struggle as it gives you the chance to go to work physically, set your own working hours and not work from home all day. You have the freedom to choose when and how are you going to work and finally be able to separate your work and personal life. You can work from 8am to 2pm today, but you can also work from 4pm to 10pm the next day, if you feel like it.

#6 Community Activities

The coworking communities often result in a joint new business/startup or in long-lasting friendships. A lot of places, like we do at BUNKER, offer happy hours on Fridays, holiday parties, all of which are available for the members of that community.

#7 All the GOODs

Coworking spaces are the ideal working environment from so many aspects! Many coworking spaces, including BUNKER, are running 24/7 so you can follow your own schedule and work whenever you feel like it - no restrictions. You can forget your internet troubles since we provide super-fast Wi-Fi. You also get unlimited printing access and access to the facility’s conference rooms. Becoming a part of one coworking community means available food, snacks and wonderful coffee. So, choose a place where the coffee in the morning (or late in the evening) touches your heart and fall in (coworking) love with it!