September 16, 2020

How to stay productive at your coworking space

After you’ve finally chosen your ideal coworking place it’s time to get some work done! As many benefits as coworking spaces have to offer, for some people they represent a new work environment in which you need some time to adjust and start being productive.

There are many ways to level up your productivity when you are working at a coworking space.

1.- Have your own personal desk

People have stated that having to work at a different desk every day really disturbs them and takes too much time to set up all over again. To avoid this kind of situation, coworking spaces offer an opportunity for booking a “dedicated personal desk” - a desk which you book for yourself exclusively for the duration of the period you plan on working there. Some coworking spots may charge a bit more for this option, but it’s a worthy investment if it contributes to your increased productivity. On the other hand, others find changing spots on a daily basis exciting, challenging and motivating. The flexibility of very-day-change of desks and sceneries allows you to move away from your distractions, so it can be useful to.

2.- Use headphones

Use headphones

Another very simple tool you can use to boost your productivity are the headphones. Using noise-cancelling headphones will help you isolate yourself and focus on your work. For those who are easily distracted by outside noises a set of headphones is a real lifesaver. It will warn others that you are not in for networking and interruptions, but you can easily go and socialize again after finishing your task and taking your headphones off.

3.- Ask your coworking community for help

Ask your coworking community for help

What’s good in coworking spaces if you cannot use the help of your fellow coworkers. Another thing you can use to stay productive at a coworking space is the help of others. Maybe you need a little push on your task or some productivity tips - you can always ask other members of the community for assistance. After that you have to be prepared to return the favor and build your own network of friends and colleagues that way.

4.- Track your progress (with or without using apps)

You can also help yourself in staying productive by creating a detailed schedule for your tasks and activities. It helps you stay dedicated and inside your given timeframe, that way increasing your productivity. If you are not sure that you can pull it off by yourself, you could try using one of the many applications to track your progress. Choose one of the (free) time management applications and start working on your tasks with a little software assistance.

5.- Make sure to use breaks

Another thing you mustn’t forget is to use regular breaks. Our brains just need to “reset” every once in a while. You can only do so much constructive and effective work at a time, make sure you give yourself a breather and stretch around for some time. Figure out how much time you can productively work without and interruption, then take a break. Follow that routine for a while and turn it into a schedule to level up your productivity!